Marie K Johnston’s Tenth Wedding Anniversary Ring Shot! What?! (It’s a Real Diamond!)

Love is Real, But So is Legal Separation…But, So is Tonite’s 10th Wedding Anniversary Extravaganza!

This is a Pinterest pin montage (20 pins) for my husband (who’s not speaking to me) to realize I love and adore him even if I leave the state in secret with my daughter and change our names!

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A Tenth Anniversary-Happy Ending Poem for My Husband from “Disaster and Harmony: A Poetry Collection (2019)”

“You have taught me how to swim again

and we come full circle resiliently,

just like high and low tides

blend together into swells.

In this harbor,

we reinforce each other

with similar rhythmic fluidity,

and I am buoyed.

Forgiveness is

a natural outflow of commitment,

just like the


of our vows–

and our past and current selves

lap against us,

shaping our direction into

a kind of kingfisher future–

turning choppy waters into glass,

gliding us smoothly towards the horizon,

intact together,

within and without,

on and on,

until we slip ahead,

just we two,

into a new ocean,

having finally mastered this first one.”

-pg 49, “Disaster and Harmony: A Poetry Collection (2019)” by Marie K Johnston/Kristen M McCurry

I love Chris McCurry forever, no matter what..

Real Life Update: “My Husband Wants To Divorce ‘Healthy Me’! What?!”, Reprinted from

Check out my victory selfie montage and find the link to this article below!

Cheers! Marie K Johnston 🦋🦋🦋