Celebrating My “New” Tenth Wedding Anniversary Set as of 10/15/19!

So, in anticipation of our upcoming tenth wedding anniversary (10/24/19), I was a little sick of wearing what is by all measures a gorgeous diamond engagement set left to my husband from his grandmother in her will. Of course, I have always been thrilled to wear such a special, large, bequeathed object on my wedding ring finger, but lately I’ve been thinking that I’d rather put it in our safe to protect it and be less flashy…

I wanted something inexpensive to replace it with that I picked out myself…an affordable, big statement ring set that was either peridot (an inexpensive chartreuse green colored stone) or opal (matches everything like pearls do, would match my pearl solitaire promise ring)…

…But, money is tight since I’m not bringing home pounds of bacon as a novelist/poet, so I got creative and came up with this solution:

This is the promise ring that my husband gave to me in 2008, when we lived together but were unmarried; and, of course, when I constantly dreamed about what it would be like to be his wife, was sure I wanted to be his wife, and waited patiently for him to ask me (sort of) to be his wife…

…This promise ring has a large freshwater pearl solitaire (my fave stone, quite inexpensive) surrounded by what appear to be diamonds (but are actually inexpensive white sapphires–clever, huh?)…I took this shot in my new “garage” office, as of yet basically unfurnished. Anybody need a silver velvet king size headboard I only used for four months? I’m giving it away for free!

…I put my pearl solitaire back on my engagement finger because the promise still stands in our marriage, especially rare after all of the problems my Bipolar I with Psychotic Features has caused everyone in my family in the past four years, but perhaps the person who has suffered the most is my caregiver husband who never loses hope that the next mathematical permutation of medication will be the “right cocktail” so that we can live happily ever after together already, Jeez!

He deserves the most healing love possible, as I have come down from yet another manic episode after having been tamed by an enormous s**tstorm of powerful psychotropic medications…

…So, to the point, wearing this promise ring on my left hand again signifies that I believe in our present and future happiness on the eve of our big 10th wedding anniversary, which we will share with our 8 year old daughter, Chloe Marie, in just 9 days!

That brings me to the ring on my right finger–looks like it could be white gold or platinum, but it’s pure sterling silver and is stamped with my only child’s name. She likes to readjust the ring when it’s on my finger because it’s so loose since weight loss that it gets crooked. I told her I would never take it off or lose it, and so far I haven’t (except to switch fingers)…

I ordered this custom ring for our seventh wedding anniversary from http://www.Etsy.com, the site of my future word art store (“BohoArtbyMKJ”).

I’ll fill you in on what word art is and when I’m going to open my store in a future post!

Anyway, this stackable ring cost a mere $15, but it is priceless to me for obvious reasons…I am in process of ordering two flat stackable stainless steel (looks just like silver, but even cheaper!) to put on top and below this one of a kind ring, and hopefully they’ll arrive in time for the anniversary festivities when we:

-eat Caesar salad and shrimp Alfredo as a family at the dining room table, food that comes from the Italian restaurant we adore which catered our special day,

-have delicious individual cheesecakes while we look through the 3 wedding albums I made for Chloe to see before she was even a twinkle in our eyes,

-listen to “our songs” and maybe even dance in the kitchen to show our daughter that commitment is a choice you must make daily, or even several times a day even…

-recite new original vows to each other with Chloe as our witness, thereby getting “remarried” in our very own living room,

-and, the best part, get to enjoy another first kiss as husband and wife!

Thanks for reading this article about our highly anticipated special day! Love really is all you need to have a beautiful life (and psychiatric medication, at least in my case, as well)!

Cheers! Please feel free to leave a comment here on this topic or on anything else on your mind! I read every comment and do my best to respond in a timely manner…

Mutually committed love is the best kind of love!


Marie K Johnston/

Kristen M McCurry

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A Tenth Anniversary-Happy Ending Poem for My Husband from “Disaster and Harmony: A Poetry Collection (2019)”

“You have taught me how to swim again

and we come full circle resiliently,

just like high and low tides

blend together into swells.

In this harbor,

we reinforce each other

with similar rhythmic fluidity,

and I am buoyed.

Forgiveness is

a natural outflow of commitment,

just like the


of our vows–

and our past and current selves

lap against us,

shaping our direction into

a kind of kingfisher future–

turning choppy waters into glass,

gliding us smoothly towards the horizon,

intact together,

within and without,

on and on,

until we slip ahead,

just we two,

into a new ocean,

having finally mastered this first one.”

-pg 49, “Disaster and Harmony: A Poetry Collection (2019)” by Marie K Johnston/Kristen M McCurry

I love Chris McCurry forever, no matter what..