About Marie K Johnston – Novelist, Poet, Visual Artist & Website Creator



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Marie K Johnston is the next voice of her generation! Don’t you forget it!


Marie K Johnston is a hip and happening chick living in a little arty town just northwest of Houston, TX with her husband and young daughter.


She is a novelist who writes about overcoming obstacles, being true to yourself, and processing the negative while focusing on the positive. She also writes non-fiction articles, poetry collections and memoirs.

Johnston is a visual artist, as well, who is working on opening her own Etsy store! She creates bohemian folk art in her writing/art room on a nearly daily basis, inspiring herself and others with the color, pictures and designs in her “word art”!

Marie K Johnston’s biggest professional dream to date came true in September 2018 when she published “Mental (2018),” her second novel, a tale of prose-poetry which took twenty-three years to complete! Here is the link to peruse and purchase both the eBook and First Edition paperback versions of “Mental (2018)”: http://Amazon.com/author/mariekjohnston!

After spending the beginning of her working life teaching high school English and writing/editing for a variety of companies (including Walmart.com and Rice University’s Web & Print Division), Johnston was “freed” by her disability status as a Bipolar I patient to live her dream of finishing “Mental (2018),” a novel she began as a senior in high school, at 41. She now promotes the sale of “Mental (2018)” on her websites and creates “word art” in the writing/art room her husband, Chris, created for her, working on a nearly daily basis when inclined, living out her days striving to record the beauty and pathos of living itself in words and pictures. What a fortuitous turn of events, this disability, which allowed her to carve out the freewheeling existence she craved when younger and “healthier”!

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To paraphrase from a wise and popular artist of our time, Sark, this is how one becomes a happy writer:

–Embrace your craft! Go with your creative flow!

–Dare yourself to take creative risks!

–If you produce your best work, it will inspire others!

–There will be value (for yourself and your audience) in your work if you believe in the process!

–Gift the world with the ideas in your writing!



Sometimes it is the darkness in our lives, the things which we fear most, that create a new dawn of possibility and hope in us in spite of themselves. Marie K Johnston is grateful for her chance to be a “real” artist and to create for you writing and art that is rooted in optimism, strength and the kind of happy endings which are hard-won and all the sweeter for the struggle.

Follow the prose, poetry and bohemian folk art of Marie K Johnston here, on http://www.MentalbyMarieKJohnston.com and http://Amazon.com/author/mariekjohnston; and, follow her experiences as a Bipolar I woman and artist at http://www.BipolarLifer.com, a website which features her real-life daily journal!