Marie K Johnston Releases Second Edition of “Mental (2018)” & 3 Books of Poetry Today, 9/23/19!

I have made the most of a year in basic good health to complete quite a large book project!

I now release the second edition of Mental (2018) and its three companion books of poetry: Dandelions (2019), Disaster and Harmony: A Poetry Collection (2019) and Cosmogony (2019) on the first anniversary of the original publication of Mental (Sept 2018).

All four of these titles were published this calendar year (2019) after being worked and reworked by your dear author these past twenty-five years.

In partnership with Halcyon Days Press, Inc., I am proud to reveal the pieces that I have been polishing these past two and a half decades, and also to unveil the cover art that I created in my art room for Mental and Dandelions.

Stay tuned for posts and pages devoted to each of these titles! I hope you will add them to your personal library soon!

Follow me (and get a sneak peek of the new books) at!

Stay tuned for posts about my upcoming book contest so that you can enter to win a free copy of one of my books!


Kristen M McCurry/Marie K Johnston

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