Cheapy Pine Dresser Transformation, Part One

So, my household inherited this dresser five years ago. I didn’t like it so I put it in the guest room–it was unfinished pine and just not my style.

But, now for reasons enumerated on (somewhat), the guest room recently became my bedroom! I decided to get to work on spiffing it up, adding a lot of art I created (to be revealed later when room is cleaner), a decoupaged “headboard,” and now my unveiling of this partially transformed dresser!


I am pretty happy about the way it has turned out so far, although my husband will probably dislike it (he recently said he doesn’t like my folk art, which is plastered all over our house, and I am gobsmacked by this revelation), but my daughter says the dresser rocks and that I should still keep making art no matter what anybody says (so I’m going to)!

Thank you for looking at my work! Once I paint the rest of the dresser a mahogany brown, I will make another post of the dresser and the entire guest/my bedroom.

Cheers! 🦋🦋🦋

Marie K Johnston m/Kristen M McCurry


My “New” Writing Chair!

So, I picked this chair up at the local Goodwill for a mere $10, and now I have transformed it into the chair I will sit in when I begin writing my third novel sometime very soon!

I am so excited to have a “real” office chair! Chloe gives it a thumbs up!