New Cover Art for “Mental (2018)” Second Edition

Mental is a First Edition Novel

And here is the unveiling:


This is original art by my marketing agency, Vistaprint!

I will begin edits for the Second Edition tomorrow morning, to hopefully be completed by this Friday, November 9th, 2018. There were a few publishing errors which occurred when my manuscript was transferred into book form that need to be addressed; I also caught a few of my own errors, as well. I will also edit the back cover, adding the following picture to the back of the novel (in place of the picture of the girl’s mouth with a pill on her tongue):

This picture of me in the yellow top is my official biography photo! You will recognize it on my Author Central webpage,

Publishing the Second Edition of “Mental (2018)” is scheduled for this Saturday, November 10th, 2018.

Thank you for keeping up to date on the newest happenings of “Mental (2018)”…

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A “Mental (2018)” Update

Bipolar Lifer Magazine

These past two weeks, I took a break from promoting “Mental (2018)” because I was hospitalized for a severe depressed episode of Bipolar I.

I found a new hospital in The Woodlands, TX that offers yoga, art and music therapy and intensive psychotherapy in which to pass the time while my doubled dose of Lithium went into effect.

My Lithium levels were originally dropped this past July while I was doing TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) treatments for depression and mania. They appeared to be working, so my neuropsychiatrist dropped my Geodon and Lithium. Perhaps because I stopped six treatments shy of completion due to severe migraines, or perhaps because the treatments actually provided no relief, I have been cycling in an extreme way between mania and depression for at least three months now. Luckily, the doubling of my Lithium levels proved successful and I am feeling optimistic and calm again…

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