“Mental (2018)” is a Work of Fiction (Based on My Life)…

Mental is a First Edition Novel

“Mental” is entirely a work of fiction and should be interpreted as such.

Yes, the novel is based on “my life,” “my journal,” and “my poetry.” It is set in several Texas cities I know well, and also has many scenes set on the two college campuses where I spent years studying in the 1990s. Yes, the father character is my interpretation of my real father…

But, the point still stands–fiction is fiction, and non-fiction is non-fiction. If you want to read my non-fiction work, go to http://www.BipolarLifer.com and read my actual journal!

I have taken many creative liberties in “Mental (2018),” in an attempt to turn my own pain and confusion into a thing of beauty and hope.

Don’t read too much in between the lines within the pages of any novel looking for “real life,” but especially this one!

Here’s a little taste of two chapters to encourage…

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