“Mental”’s Reprint of “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost, the Main Theme of the Novel

Mental is a First Edition Novel

“Mental (2018)” is a more thorough retelling of my first published novel, “Leaves Subsiding (2010, under pen name M. Yoshida McCurry),” which is itself a more detailed retelling of the original manuscript I wrote in 1995 for a workshop class at UT called “Nothing Gold (listed in the Library of Congress and kept in the main Liberal Arts Library on campus, under pen name Kristen Tichenor).”

The point of telling you all of that is to simply say that the main theme of the tragedy of growing up which is detailed so purely in Robert Frost’s poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” is also the main theme running through all three of my similarly expounded upon tales, and is therefore reprinted in all three novels.

Enjoy this poem here:

Enjoy “Mental (2018)” here at Amazon.com/author/mariekjohnston!

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