GoodReads is Missing Either of “Mental (2018)”’s Two Book Covers! Oops!

Who in my audience knows how to contact GoodReads to update my image for “Mental (2018)”?

Bipolar Lifer Magazine

So, it is an unfortunate fact that when I looked up my novel on GoodReads last night, it is currently featured without an image placeholder for the title. That’s right, friends, neither the arbitrary half lime green/half black cover for the $2.99 eBook, nor the official black cover with the blue butterfly title art for the paperback (selling for $12.99) are featured on GoodReads and I don’t know how to contact them to update this information since I just joined GoodReads last night!

Basically, without one of these pictures, I am not able to discern which title they are featuring for me. I deduced it is only the $2.99 eBook version since there were two customers book reviews and I know for a fact that one of the customers only purchased the eBook (and gave me a less than stellar review which I texted her to remove from the site)!…

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