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Again, thank y’all for reading!


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Use of Term “Chrissakes” in “Mental (2018)” by Marie K Johnston

So, the term “chrissakes” is used in three ways in this novel:

-substitute for curse words

-substitute for past events already written about in previous chapters that reader will recognize when characters are continually frustrated by these past events

-substitute for a word in the readers’ imaginations in same way that words are left blank in Mad Libs (1980s word game)

Have fun figuring out how I am using this term each time you find it in “Mental (2018),” since it is a frequent flyer term used liberally!



Also, please and for updates on status of “Mental (2018)” paperback version selling like hot cakes on via


Kristen M McCurry

aka Marie K Johnston

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Picture Montage of How “Mental (2018)” is Faring as a Kindle eBook – Sept 2018

It’s a picture montage of how “Mental (2018)” is faring on Kindle, Sept 2018!


Marie K Johnston

aka Kristen M McCurry

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