“Mental” is Now a Kindle eBook on Sale for $2.99 Today, Labor Day 2018!

Ok! All you have to do is download the Kindle app or go to http://www.Kindle.com, and type “Mental by Marie K Johnston” into the search function to pull up the novel and buy it for only $2.99!


It is a 268-page novel, but as an eBook it is comprised of over 5,000 “impressions.” It does not have a real cover, just plain gray with the title and author–I did actually create a cover for this eBook, but for some reason it is not shown–I was embarrassed about this issue at first, but after much browsing on the Kindle app, “Mental” is the only title sans cover so it is really obvious in the search results and populated reading lists and so this is good “free advertising.”

There are paragraph spacing issues in 4 of the 50 chapters, but this was a transfer error and they do not appear in the actual manuscript in my Google Docs folder–so, I know you will be able to notice them, but because I couldn’t edit them out once the manuscript was transferred into Kindle eBook format, they are just going to be there. Believe me, I do basically understand how to write a paragraph!

I am reading it now for the first time as an eBook. I just finished reading Part One, Chs 1-20, and so far I am fairly satisfied that I am actually saying things as I intended to say them, something that is making me quietly very excited!

I hope you check it out! I dedicated it to my husband, who made me finally feel safe enough in life to actually finish writing it after playing around for twenty years with it, but I want you to know that I also wrote this novel to be read by women like me who also grew up after finding themselves incest survivors.

Now I’ve just got to figure out how to transfer my manuscript into a paperback version so I can sell it on http://www.Amazon.com, but I am currently taking a break from this because I have run into some issues I can’t figure out while trying to create the real cover art, seen here:

I super love this art, but it is currently the wrong size file and will not transfer correctly. I cannot call or email anyone at Kindle (KDF.com), or obviously Amazon.com, for help as there are no 1-800 numbers or email addresses to contact when you run into a snag…My husband is a former Biology teacher turned Assistant Principal who can build computers, but I am dealing simply with a foreign computer program that he doesn’t have expertise in either…

Anyway, enough about errors and paperbook creation issues!

Just know that I am pleased to submit for your perusal “Mental” in its current eBook form, and I hope you really do get something out of reading it because I really am getting something out of having written it!

Thank you in advance for reading it! Please feel free to leave your comments for me about it here and I will read them and reply to you!

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