“Mental” is a Kindle eBook (2018)!

via “Mental” is a Kindle eBook (2018)!

“Mental” is Now a Kindle eBook on Sale for $2.99 Today, Labor Day 2018!

The Fiction & Folk Art of Marie K Johnston

Ok! All you have to do is download the Kindle app or go to http://www.Kindle.com, and type “Mental by Marie K Johnston” into the search function to pull up the novel and buy it for only $2.99!


It is a 268-page novel, but as an eBook it is comprised of over 5,000 “impressions.” It does not have a real cover, just plain gray with the title and author–I did actually create a cover for this eBook, but for some reason it is not shown–I was embarrassed about this issue at first, but after much browsing on the Kindle app, “Mental” is the only title sans cover so it is really obvious in the search results and populated reading lists and so this is good “free advertising.”

There are paragraph spacing issues in 4 of the 50 chapters, but this was a transfer error and they do not appear in…

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