Marie K Johnston – Google Search

These are the images that come up when you Google “Marie K Johnston”:

Marie K Johnston – Google Search
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Check this out by clicking the Google link! This is so cool! 😊😊😊

“Mental” by Marie K Johnston to be released as a Kindle eBook this Monday, Labor Day 2018!

Christopher C. McCurry, I kept rewriting this one for you!

❤️❤️❤️, MKJ

“Mental” to be Released as Kindle eBook On Labor Day 2018!

I am pleased to announce that my second novel, “Mental,” will be released early next week (Labor Day 2018) as a Kindle eBook!

I will make a post with the link to my Amazon Author’s Page where you can be one of the first people to purchase it for $2.99 and add it to your growing library of novels that deal with one woman’s decision to triumph over adversity to reach her life goals!

(More information coming soon!)

❤️❤️❤️, MKJ