Success! “Mental” Approved for Publication by NYC’s Page Publishing!

I am so pleased to share with you my great news: I found out yesterday that the five person editorial board that read “Mental” has approved this novel for publication with their very large firm located in the heart of New York City!

I await the reading of my contract and it’s terms in order to make my final decision, and should receive it via email sometime tomorrow.

Publication approval, and possibly moving forward to the next stage of actually creating the print and eBook versions of the entire manuscript, makes today a very exciting day for me! It took me twenty years, off and on, to craft this three part, fifty chapter, 85,000 word manuscript, and holding it in my hands would be a dream that took so much effort and time to see come true!

I want to make sure it will be in the right hands, that I will have as much creative control of it’s cover, it’s contents, it’s launch and it’s placement as possible, however, and have several other options currently on the table. I don’t want to rush this very exciting but crucial next step by choosing the wrong publisher or agent for “Mental.” This is a very big decision and I’m going to take my time deciding between Page, other publishing firms, and possibly choosing instead to defer to the expertise of a literary fiction agent instead to shop the manuscript around in order to get the best book deal from the best publishing company possible.

I will happily keep you updated on “Mental”‘s publication progress, and I would like to thank you very kindly, my faithful audience, for your continued support in the past two and a half years that I have been sharing excerpts of my work on this website.

If you are curious about where my inspiration for writing this and all of my creative work stems, please visit my non-fiction website,, to read my actual journal and see more pictures of my body of visual art!

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