“Mental” Under Editorial Review by Huge Publishing House


I am happy to report that I have at long last found a “real” publisher who is interested in reading the entire Three Part manuscript of “Mental” in order to decide if they would like to move forward with me in the process of publishing it.

“Mental” is currently under review by a five person panel. They just received the manuscript this morning, and will give me their feedback in 5-7 business days, so by next Friday (August 24, 2018) at the latest.

It is incredibly difficult to find a publisher who is willing to read unsolicited manuscripts in their entirety. Page Publishing, a division of Ingram, is such a publisher and the company that will provide me with a full free read, plus their opinions on the likelihood of “Mental” earning money in the near future.

This represents the beginning of my second try to get “Mental” published, and I will repost here once I hear back from them next week! Keep your fingers crossed! This is a bit of a nerve-racking process as my greatest fear would be to hear that this five person editorial board does not think “Mental” should be published. My biggest selling point is that the themes in the novel reflect the larger themes of the #metoo movement as a whole.

Another update coming soon!

–Marie K Johnston, August 16, 2018

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