Let’s Make Beautiful Things, People!

So what if my greatest literary accomplishment, a short novel called “Leaves Subsiding (2010)”, is my current greatest literary accomplishment? I’m still the real deal, and so are you! I am a master craftsman, with…

That’s a good sentence now, isn’t it? Not having “Mental,” this second novel published yet, doesn’t diminish from its success as a piece. If you’re getting disappointed with the publishing process, people, despair not! Everything happens in its own time (I’ve learned the hard way)!

This is my goal as a writer–to expose our secret lives and neuroses–to get them out in the light so we can examine whether or not they really are worth all the effort it takes to stay in them!

Hemingway said, “Write one true sentence.” I am convinced he was correct, so I strain my brain to find these sentences, they are locked away up in my head like little kids who need to be freed. Sometimes, I find them and then they run back home to Mother and I think, “One more saved from obscurity!”

I leave you with this, for encouragement–choose happy! It is a simple voodoo mind trick that is easy to master! Like a light switch, it can go on or off. I choose on most of the time, and I hope you do, too, because there are voracious readers dreaming of our books all over the world right now!

Let’s do all we can to continue on this writer’s path and follow it to its logical conclusion!

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