“Mental,” Part One, Recounted in Quotes



via “Mental,” Part One, Recounted in Quotes

Here’s a “Mental” Teaser!

A little taste of my beloved novel, currently available only at http://www.mariekjohnston.com for free (that’s right! I’m currently experimenting with just sharing it for free!).

“Mental” has a Prologue and three Parts. It is exactly 50 chapters long, and Part Two contains a long rhyming, metered poem.

This novel is about the search to discover why a twin sister is having a nervous breakdown while teaching high school English after graduating early from UT Austin, and is a combination of confession (parts of my own life) and fiction, call it journalistic fiction. It is set in several Texas cities (including Galveston, a major setting) and takes place in the late 90s-early 2000s.

I have included some choice lines from the Prologue, Part One and Part Two for you to wet your whistle on…

If you like these quotes, hit “Menu” for longer excerpts of “Mental”, or scroll down this page for entries from my tell-the-novel-through-quotes blog posts.

I hope you enjoy! It is my sincere desire to have eyes upon this novel, which took me twenty years (off and on) to complete!

❤️❤️❤️, Marie K Johnston

I hope you decide to keep reading! I’d hate it if I wrote my heart out and no one read any of it!😘