Marie K Johnston’s Folk Art

This is a current selfie, as of June 2018. I’m in the smoking area of my garage, one of my fave places to create.

Decoupaged antique leather tray, ready to serve caviar from my antique Japanese caviar bowls. Featured on my coffee table.

Master bathroom art.

Hall Bath art, in my unique homemade green Zen bathroom for guests.

Decoupaged candlebox on my bar for parties.

Chloe’s bathroom art, original poem by me on the picture frame within the heart. On top of toilet, Mason Jar encouragement and two handmade votive holders (Chloe did the one on the left–she’s a budding artist like her mother).

My “M for McCurry” stairwell masterpiece! Each M is created to be lovingly unique, and the coup de grace is the art I created in the picture frame which reads, “You Are soooo loved, darling.” Also, look at the big lime green M–it is from our wedding decorations, and I printed “October 24, 2009–The McCurrys” on it.

An old Plastic Adirondack chair gets new life with an aqua paint job and a hand drawn lumbar pillow. Featured on my back porch.

Another beat-up Adirondack gets a happy coating of hot pink and a beachy yellow flower, along with handpainted word, “Happy.” I smoke my beloved Pall Mall Red 100s in this chair on the back porch!

Close-up of hand painted Mason Jar Topiary on the top of our Master toilet. Brava!

Cheapy IKEA pillow, upgraded with turquoise flowers and green leaves (sharpie) for dumpster-dive find rocking chair for my Chloe to sit in while we hang out in my garage smoking area!

Old pillowcases get new life after being Rit-dyed hot pink. Drawn in sharpie, they now read “Free” and “Love” with flowers and hearts. Currently appearing on our master bed.

Sick of my black converse I’ve had for ages, I bleached them overnight and then sharpied a black and hot pink design for winter wear with jeans.

My beat-up, beloved jalopy with homemade bumper sticker which reads, “I feel like saying everything that people never say (a quote from Ch 38 of “Mental”).”

The current art on my back porch wall.

Walmart TV tray table I snagged for $7, decoupaged at the end of my kitchen counter to hold extra tea things and my prized depression glass juicer, lime green distressed painted legs.

A Two-Fer! (Top) My Sharpie art reads,” A home is made of love and dreams”, and (bottom) Chloe’s bug art–this pair hangs in between the kitchen and the living room.

(2) Ugly gray faux marble junk gift table transformed into a decoupaged flower tree. Antique sake bottle from Japan turned into a lamp (Etsy) with my homemade lampshade made from fabric, mod podge and a button. Living room couch side table, features my wooden “beauty box.”

Close-up of my beloved decoupaged tea table in the kitchen, reads, “A messy kitchen is a sign of happiness (stolen from Pinterest)” on it. Hand painted tea box made from a wooden toy box. Super cute!

I created this sign for display above my daughter’s bedside table in her bedroom. Want to make sure she’s got self-confidence!

Obviously, the letters of my daughter’s name, to be hung vertically on the wall opposite her bed. Small 6×6 canvases, paint, decoupage, sharpie and glitter glue. A 7th birthday gift which reads, “Love is old, Love is new, Love is all, love is you (Beatles, her fave band)” across all five canvases.

A 40th birthday gift for my husband, affixed to his side of the bed.

Paraphrase of Mother Theresa’s “Do all things with great love.” I dumpster-dove for the material for this sign after Hurricane Harvey. Rests against the pole on my back porch.

Paint and sharpie in glitzy frame on master bedroom window seat. Lovely!

(Above and below) More $7 Walmart table’s, arted up with my original hot pink painted flowers on Kelly green backgrounds, brown legs. (Taken before I painted the Adirondacks).

And finally, a real collaboration between me and my beautiful Chloe–yet another $7 table, this time painted turquoise, drawn with sharpies, and decoupaged with my darling’s bug drawings! A side table for the other side of living room couch, and definitely a keeper! She drew those when she was merely 5! ❤️

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