“Mental,” Part One, Recounted in Quotes

via “Mental,” Part One, Recounted in Quotes

Part Three of “Mental,” As Recounted in Quotes

I just realized I am creating my very own Cliff Notes version of my novel! It has been really fun to put all of this together, I must admit, for an audience of one–my beloved husband who hates to read novels–at least if he chooses to read these three pieces, he’ll get the best parts of my work (and pictures, too!)

Part Three begins with a familiar, yet different, voice–it is Eve herself who tells the end to this tale, and rightfully so, since it’s mostly about her after all.

I will settle your heart on one thing, since the ride you’ve been on is an emotional rollercoaster–“Mental” has a happy ending, of sorts.

Enjoy, dear readers! And remember, everything does pass (eventually)…..

Love, Marie K Johnston


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But you wouldn’t expect me to just give away (all) the milk for free?

Stay tuned for the ending 10 chapters–that’s right, my fine novel has exactly 50 chapters (it was quite a feat!)….


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“Mental,” Part One, Recounted in Quotes

The Fiction & Folk Art of Marie K Johnston

Welcome to an overview of “Mental,” my second novel, as so far exclusively published here at https://www.MarieKJohnston.com!

This section introduces the reader to identical twin sisters, Lilly and Lilly’s subject, Eve. We learn that Eve is in the middle of a nervous breakdown of seemingly unknown origins, which ostensibly began during her second year of teaching high school English, and which is tied to something, what she cannot recall, that her father did to her during their parents’ divorce when Eve and Lilly were seventeen.

By reading this section in full, which I believe I am about to let you do in a later post, you will (hopefully) come to understand what a nervous breakdown is actually like and of course, how the very beginning of Eve’s adult life is almost ruined by one.

Enjoy! I hope these art-quote pieces are as enjoyable to read as they were to create!

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