Part Two of “Mental,” As Recounted in Quotes

I have decided to permanently suspend my search for a literary agent and my quest to get “Mental” published by a big fish, due to both of these having a detrimental affect on my serious case of bipolar disorder. However, I have decided that when either my husband becomes a secondary principal or I find and can maintain a career-type job for myself after I have exhibited at least three months of stability and am cleared to work by my psychiatrist, I will then spring for the cost of having “Mental” self-published by Xlibris, the self-publisher of my first novel, “Leaves Subsiding,” featured here on this website.

I am not going to despair at giving up this dream, however, because my good husband pays for me to enjoy publishing whatever I choose for you, my kind and loving audience, right here at, and this makes me happy!

So, I hope you enjoy the second installment of an overview of “Mental” in quotes, this new post being one quote from each chapter of Part Two, the novel-within-the novel which also contains a long rhyming and metered poem. For those of you familiar with “Leaves Subsiding,” this Part Two will look quite familiar, but in “Mental” this section serves as a flashback of what our dear main character, Eve, was like in college–“all roses and fog,” as Lilly informs us, to help us understand why Eve’s nervous breakdown after two years of teaching high school English is so incredibly deflating and dangerous.

I hope you enjoy these quotes as much as I enjoyed making them!

–Kristen McCurry, a.k.a. Marie K Johnston


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