Marie K Johnston’s Fave Rock Band!


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I love a band whose biggest influences are The Smiths, The Pixies and The Cranberries.

This band has a killer name and is composed of friends that have come and gone in my life for the past twenty years!

The name, you ask? Get ready:


Rock on, people who make “real” music! This band is about to have a promotional bumper sticker, but still refuses to play a gig!

I love music!

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Officially Introducing “Mental,” A Novel by Marie K Johnston





I am happy to report that I have completed the final edit of every word on this website, at long last! I am still open to your constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement, however–please leave me a comment anywhere and I promise to take it seriously!

Please click on and read the excerpt from “Mental” which appears in the pages section at very top of this website! Thank you for doing this in advance!

Please read the text of my publication submission letter for said novel to potential literary fiction agents at “Publication Submission Letter” as it appears on the blog post section (first section you can read) on this website!

I truly desire to use “Mental,” my second novel, to propel me into my destined role as a Significant Voice of My Generation. I’m part of Generation-X, graduatiing from high school and college in the mid-to-late 1990s. This was a magical time to do  those things, to be sure. It really was as cool as people tell you, the last moment before rigid social constructs were necessary to keep everybody safe. A liberated time. A personal experience of great creativity and exploration!

So, I’m signing off for now!

Keep reading, writing, exploring and creating righteous art and sentences! Never give up on yourselves,  dear readers!

Love, KM



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