Living My Creative Dream!


Marie K Johnston is ready to rock!

I will do whatever it takes to become a significant voice of my generation!

I am convinced that if I simply keep on writing to literary fiction agents, I will eventually achieve my dream of getting my second novel, “Mental,” published by a big fish by the end of 2017!

I have also embarked upon a pretty aggressive Twitter campaign this week. I am posting graphics with little sayings and a link to this site. I am also actively retweeting and liking posts, in the hopes of garnering a readership.

I have already sent out my letters to literary agents for the day and the total number of letters which have gone out is 25. I am going to take a break from this for the rest of the week in order to see what kind of response I can get before I keep sending out the same letter (in case it’s an epic fail). You can see the letter on this site: “Publication Submission Letter.” I have thought of a few ways to tweak it and make the good points of “Mental” even more obvious. This is the time to sit back and wait for a few days. I will revise my letter Monday if I haven’t received any hits by then.

I am technically on vacation for the last time this summer, as my Chloe is visiting my mom in Austin. However, I am going to keep posting on Twitter this week to see how many followers I can get to click on my blog posts and creative sample.

I believe that anyone with a little talent can create righteous, beautiful writing and art if they stay focused on their craft and stay focused on getting seen and heard! It can be a lonely, disillusioning path to find an audience, but I am steadfast that if I keep posting, I’ll earn a meaningful audience!


book graphic (4).jpg



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