Dedication to Achieving the Writer’s Life

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This blog post is all about dreaming large, living with purpose, and achieving your version of success! I am currently focusing on submitting “Mental” for publication.

I recently landed, then lost during training, a lucrative position writing product descriptions for an insanely large, international corporation that would have most likely gone on for years. My husband and I were disappointed because I was let go from the training portion of the position very quickly where there appeared to be no learning curve, and because we had already earmarked my earnings for some major household upgrades, a new car for him, and constant, excessive amounts of spending money…

Once we processed it, though, we realized the late night hours, the uncertainty of what time of day rewrites would be returned, etc. made this a position which was less than ideal and not a good fit for an expectant mother or an eventual mother of two. In addition, the head writer wrote to me in my exit email that I am an excellent creative writer, but not a technical one, and I should really focus on creative from here on out in my life.

So, at least now I know that I really am a creative person. You can’t change a leopard’s spots and expect her to succeed at writing technical, insert-keyword-here-type writing work. It’s a refining thing to know who I am professionally at last, and what I am capable of being successful at, and it’s a good thing to want to be what you are! I have always known inside that I was a creative writer, but never applied for those types of writing jobs because I lacked the requisite confidence–but, not anymore! I have always known inside that I am going to be a significant voice of my generation, so I am going to stop wasting my time applying for a bunch of marketing, technical work that doesn’t help me reach my true goals!

I am again submitting my novel, “Mental,” for publication. The first round of submissions, around twenty, took place in May. I am using, an engine that repopulates matching publishers each time you submit because I don’t know much about publishing companies that are medium-large, who publish literary fiction (which is my genre) on my own. I have had a few offers from medium-sized firms, one located in downtown Manhattan, but these were offers where I would either have to do a lot of the work myself or pay a fee to get published. These weren’t the real deal.

I am holding out for a traditional, big fish publisher that will assign me my own editor, do the marketing and advertising for me, and give me tens of thousands of dollars and an extensive, all-expenses paid book tour! Why not? Gotta dream large to live large and have a significant audience to entertain, right? How will my words be remembered for the ages everywhere if I don’t land a contract with a large, traditional publisher, get on TV and garner an audience pool to write my third novel for?  (And yes, the third novel’s already written.)

I am thinking of ways to change up my pitch to reach mainstream, traditional publishers. There’s still a chance that some publishers from Round 1 are still considering this novel for publication because the turnaround time after a submission is around 3 months. However, I am in deep thought about how to promote this novel more successfully in a submission so that at least this website is clicked on and at least I spark some interest.

“Mental” is a novel I started during my senior year of high school. I have been working on this difficult novel off and on for 23 years! On the surface, “Mental” is a novel about two twins, Lilly and Evelyn, as Evelyn finishes college early to start teaching high school English and then proceeds to have a total nervous breakdown and can’t figure out why. Lilly, the narrator, goes through the events of Eve’s life one by one as she pens the novel for a college workshop class, trying to figure out which event(s) caused the nervous breakdown. This main character, Eve, processes her current life experiences with friends, a boyfriend and her suicidality while busy in therapy and after quitting her perfect teaching position.

Eve finally understands that her breakdown wasn’t caused by leaving school early or being a high school English teacher at the age of 20, but rather by the troubling self-revelations of what her father really did do to her during her parents’ divorce which happened while she was a senior in high school. She realizes there are events from that year, an event in particular which she remembers as a nightmare, that really happened and she works to get her memory back so she can accept the incest experiences of her past in order to continue working on becoming a happy, well-adjusted adult who has the capacity to move forward without sticking points or an unhealthy mindset.

“Mental” is written in magic realism style, one found in Lewis Carroll’s “Through The Looking Glass” and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ “One Hundred Years of Solitude.” The novel is full of dream sequences, mystical experiences, a running metered poem, and a novel within a novel. [Read: I have inserted “Leaves Subsiding (2010), self-published, in the middle of this second novel because they both deal with the same themes.]

I must warn you, “Mental” is written graphically yet tastefully in parts and is full of my personal and family secrets. This novel deals with themes like finding and losing true/first love; having a creative dream and doing whatever you can to make it come true; being and interacting with society’s outcasts; dissociation, what it really feels like to have a serious breakdown, a suicide attempt and psychiatric hospital stay; dysfunctional families, lifelong friendships, drug use, sex; and, how to pull yourself together and deal with ugly truths so you can come out on the other side intact. It also has great flow and beautiful turns of phrase. If you are interested, you can read a few chapters of “Mental” on this homepage link. Happy Reading!

Thanks for reading this blog post about my hopes and dreams! Any positive vibes or prayers you can send my way are greatly appreciated!

Dream Big! Think Big! Write Bigger!

You Can Achieve Your Dreams When You Stay Inspired and Work on Small Goals!


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