New Journey, Same Goals



I will reveal a secret: I just lost a lucrative technical writing project during day two of the training session! The feedback was positive, though: I am an excellent creative writer, but not a very good technical one…They suggested I look for work writing buyers’ guides, short stories or fan fiction. I was really trying and studying, but still struggling with the formula and insertion of different keywords, etc. Chris, my husband, is still asleep and doesn’t know yet that I am no longer an employed writer.

This brings me the refinement of my professional purpose: I am a creative writer, blogger and editor.

I pay for access to, a job search engine for remote creative positions, but all of the jobs I have applied for so far have been marketing/advertising positions. I am going to apply for the creative writing positions, too, now as well, and make sure I give a link to my first novel and this website/blog in every application. This is the next right move.

This job loss could be a true blessing in disguise because with the weird deadline times of day and the random times that rewrites were returned, I was working until 11 pm last night! I worked from 5-9 am this morning, before the new work was even given! These hours were exhausting and not conducive to this stage of my life.

Stay tuned for posts about my new creative job search, my quest for a big fish publisher so that I can become a significant voice of my generation, and some new retrograde posts that will start showing up once I transfer journal entries from my iPhone to see if they can become my third novel ! That’s right–I’m going to turn my juicy, personal journal entries into blog posts and a novel!

This blog post was meant to be an example of staying positive when important things don’t work out and keeping on point anyway.

Stay positive! Refocus on your strengths and goals!

The journey will lead you forward, every experience refining your purpose and showing you where you need to go!


book graphic (4).jpg











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