On A Writer’s Necessary Self-Confidence



I believe a writer must be self-confident to get published by a big fish–I’m not saying arrogant, just self-confident! It is a lonely, sometimes disillusioning process to find an agent who will then help you find a publisher; and if you do not completely believe in your novel and in yourself, you will find yourself in danger of quitting and never reaching your publication goals.




You, dear readers, have everything you need to be successful at reaching your goals already–it is all within you!




When I get a rejection letter, I remind myself this is one agent’s opinion and that there are thousands of potential agents out there! I make myself send out two letters for every rejection letter I get!




Celebrate your uniqueness! Celebrate yourself! I know I have written a different kind of book–it has a long running poem with rhyme and meter and a novel within the novel. I know it has a stellar plot, awesome characters and it’s double narrators (identical twins) all give it an edge! Ordinary? Most definitely not!




I am on a strict, daily editing and writing schedule! No matter my mood, I am writing and editing seven  days a week for an least an hour a day! No exceptions! I find this makes interesting work pour out of me, work before I would have self-edited in my head and heart and never produced.




The following pins I made for Pinterest to encourage and inspire!





book graphic mkj.com (4).jpg







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